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It’s Vacation Time!

Posted by rhondascooking on November 3, 2007

Wow, I am officially on vacation!  I haven’t been on a vacation since December 2006!  I am proud to say that for this vacation, I am doing it big!  I am headed to China for 7 days on November 5th!  I am so excited because this is my first international trip–I don’t count Mexico, especially since its so close to AZ and I have been there so many times.  Anyway, this morning I arrived at the airport for my 6am flight to Detroit and I when I arrived, the flight was cancelled!  I was too tired to complain; I didn’t go to bed.  So, they booked me on the 9am.  Thank goodness for free WiFi at the Phoenix Airport and my laptop!  So, waiting 4 hours for a flight is not bad at all when you can surf the web and blog about what happened! 

So, because I am writing a cookbook, I didn’t plan ahead with packing food and clothes for the trip to China.  Yes, I am writing a healthy cookbook where all of the recipes are free of dairy, soy and eggs!  I’ll have to write a separate entry on that alone.  Anyway, since I have food intolerances to dairy, soy and eggs, as well as challenges with a wheat (gluten), and other highly inflammatory foods, I know that eating in China will be a challenge.  So, I have a small suitcase full of my homemade trailmix, nuts, rice cakes, hazelnute butter and even Vitamin Water!   I have been on lock down since 2005, so I am used to planning ahead.  However, this is my first experience with traveling to another country with these challenges, more specifically traveling to China, a country that is heavy on the soy!  So you will have to stay tuned on my food experience, as well as my pictures. 

Well, I must get back to editing my cookbook so that I can get it to my graphic designer, CJ at Konsole Kingz in Atlanta, GA!! He is the bomb! 


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