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China Bound

Posted by rhondascooking on November 5, 2007

This is the morning of the beginning of many years of world traveling for myself.  Well, I am blogging from Beijing, China–yeah, that’s right, I am vacationing in China. I am a member of the Wealthy Women Club and we are doing things big! Who and What are the Wealthy Women? The Wealthy Women is an organization of women founded by Catherine Eagan to teach women how to become wealthy in every area of their lives!!! (To learn more visit http://www.catherineeagan.com/.) Women have come together from all across the USA, Canada and the British Islands! We have a total of about 61 people on this trip.  My friend dropped me off at the Detroit airport where  I met up with about 35 other women and men (1 husband and 1 single guy); the others left on Sunday due to logistics with Northwest airlines.  It was a beautiful to see all of us gather together to introduce ourselves to one another as we embark on this new adventure.  Similar to many other women, this was my first international trip!  I know, I know, I am surprised too especially since I work for a company who has offices all over the world. 

Unfortunately, I submitted my information  too late for special food requests, so I was stuck with eating my snacks while others gobbled down the food which looked/smelled pretty good.  I bought lots of homeopathic pellets to keep me from swelling and getting motion sickness; afterall the flight was about 12 hours with a  30 minute change of plane in Tokoyo follwed by a 2 hour flight from.  I was able to get some sleep later. 


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