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The Great Wall

Posted by rhondascooking on November 8, 2007

This morning started the same as yesterday–vitamins & supplements, vitamin water and brown rice cakes.  Today we were heading to visit one of the 7 great wonders of the world–The Great Wall!  However, because the drive was 2 hours away, Minister Eagan decided that we would stop at the Jade Factory to do a little shopping.  The Jade FActory was awesome!  They taught us the importance of jade and the quality of real jade.  Jade is to Chinese women as diamonds are to American women.  According to China history, jade represents merit, morality, dignity and grace.  Typically in Chinese culture, mothers give jade bracelets to their first daughters for them to wear and later pass down to their daughters–family heirloom.  We also learned about jadeite.  Jadeite was believed to be a precious and hard jade with healing qualities for the human stomach and kidneys.  Because it is very difficult to put on the jade bracelet since it has to be tight, I decided to purchase a ring instead.

After shopping, we headed to the Great Wall.  This monument was magnificent!  The pictures in the book do not capture this wall.  Because it is a huge, long effort to walk to the top of the wall, we took the cable cars up.  People took pictures.  I was unable to take pictures because my power adapter blew out when I tried to recharge my battery!!!  I was so upset.  Anyway, back the story.  The Great WAll is a must see for everyone who travels to China.  Before heading back, Minister Eagan filmed a segment for one of her future show; we were the audience!  It was great.  We headed to lunch not too far from The Wall.  The place was very clean and the food was good–a little too salty for me, but still good.  I could only eat a few vegetables and a few pieces of the grilled fish.

Later we headed to the Ming Tombs and Chang Ling Exhibition Hall.  We were able to see the items that were excuvated from the tombs–lots of gold and jade.  After touring the tombs, we strolled along the Sacred Way, guarded by stone statues of warriors and myshical beasts.  According to the story, the kneeling statues represented the people who died and the standing represented those who are still living.  Because we were tired, we walked really fast.

Later we headed to the silk market to do some shopping.   I was just browsing! 🙂


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