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Back in the USA

Posted by rhondascooking on November 14, 2007

I made it back to the USA!  Praise the Lord that I am back in one piece and I did not get sick during my travels in China.  I made it back to the states on Tuesday, November 13th.  Though we were all sad to leave, it was time to return to get back to work and finish 2007 with a bang!  For some reason, the trip back seemed shorter.  Due to the fact that our flight was delayed leaving Toyko (we had a layover), we were a few minutes late arriving at the Detroit Airport.  Also, once we got our bags, there was a very long line to get through the US Customs, and boy what experience that was.  I permitted to go through, but the officer questioned me on how could i have spent ~$400 on tea.  He wanted to know what made that tea good.  So, I explained and then he let me exit.  Others had similar questions.  Please note that if you decide to travel internationally, make sure you are mindful that you have to pay a customs fee when you bring in goods back into the USA that are valued over $800 and that you CANNOT bring in counterfeit clothing and accessories like purses–those are illegal.

Because of the time difference, I decided to stay in Detroit until the next morning.  I roomed with one of the Wealthy Women travelers.  That night seemed like a very long night for some reason.  I was just ready to be at home in my own bed and eating food that worked for me.


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