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My Cookbook Update

Posted by rhondascooking on November 20, 2007

Okay, it’s 11:15pm and I have to get up at 4am to exercise, but I can’t sleep!  I am sipping on my sweet tea–it’s all natural with no sweetners; I got it from China of course–anyway, I am sipping on my tea with a big huge smile on my face. Why? Well, I just heard from one of the photographers for my new cookbook and he told me that a publishing company may be interested in publishing my new cookbook!!!!  I should be receiving the information in an email regarding the next steps.  I am so excited.

Just for background, I am writing a healthy cookbook that will have recipes for everyone!  I have recipes that range from Soul food to Greek foods to Mexican foods.  You will find recipes for foods like gumbo, collard greens, oven-fried chicken, red beans & rice, hummus and taco salad.  There are also breakfast and dessert recipes too!  To top all of this, some of the recipes are gluten-free, as well as dairy-, soy- and egg-free.  So, as you see, there’s a little bit for everyone to enjoy!

You may say this isn’t for you, and you may be right.  However, I guarantee that there is someone in your life like family, friends and/or coworkers who could possible use this book.  If you are interested in purchasing the book,  email me at rhonda@rhondascooking.com.  You can also go to my website and sign up for the weekly newsletter (www.rhondascooking.com).  


3 Responses to “My Cookbook Update”

  1. suzette said

    Congrats!!! I am soo happy for you. This is your year!!!

  2. Rhonda! I’m so proud of you!! You go girl! I’ll be happy to purchase a copy of your book AND actually use it. You’re gonna help me bring sexy back!! LOL

    Love you!

  3. Freddie Mwale said

    You are such an inspiration!! That’s what’s I call following your dream, living in your purpose. I am happy for you and cannot wait for your cook book to get published.

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