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Gadget of the Week: The Vita-Mix!

Posted by rhondascooking on May 6, 2008

Vita-mix 5200

I call the Vita-Mix the Cadillac of all blenders!  This powerful appliance is excellent for preparing quick and easy meals.  Since having the Vita-Mix for over 2 years, I have done a number of things with this gadget that I never thought I could do such as making almond butter and even making hot soup!

The Vita-Mix allows customers to make whole food juice that’s full of fiber and flavor in under a minute, cook soup from scratch that’s hot, hearty and satisfying in just 4 minutes, make frozen treats that are full of fruit and low in fat in only 30 seconds, grind fresh whole grains into flour and knead dough for healthy home made bread in one 5-minute operation.


If you are interested in making healthy whole food meals that are quick, easy and delicious, start your 30-day no-risk in-home trial today and we’ll give you FREE Standard Ground Shipping!


Click here to get started – https://secure.vitamix.com/redirect.aspx?index.aspx?COUPON=06-002881










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