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Eating Healthy While on Vacation

Posted by rhondascooking on May 30, 2008

Grilled Mahi-mahi I have heard many people say, “I can eat whatever I want, I’m on vacation.”  Unfortunately, with that attitude, you may end up paying for it later!  I know that it may be hard to resist those delectable five star desserts, but sometimes you have to “just say no.”  When I was vacationing at the All Inclusive Beaches Resort in the Turks, I was exposed to every type of cuisine imaginable.  However, due to my food allergies and the fact that I am trying to keep my weight in check, I had to turn the other cheek.  So, how did I survive?  Here are a few of Rhonda’s Travel Survival Tips:


1.    Pack healthy snacks enough to last throughout the trip (trail mix, granola bars, rice cakes, nuts/seeds, etc.).

2.    Pack healthy beverages such as Vitamin Water or juice—be sure to use storage bags.

3.    Contact the hotel prior to arrival and inquire about the types of restaurants on site.

4.    Inform the restaurant waiter that you have food restrictions; indicate what foods will work for you.

5.    If the waiter is uncertain about what’s in the food or how it was prepared then ask to speak with the chef.


Preparation is important in order to maintain a healthy diet while on vacation.  Never be caught off guard and forced to eat foods that will make you pay after the vacation!


One Response to “Eating Healthy While on Vacation”

  1. Wow Rhonda, this is really good information. I think your Travel Survival Tips are excellent and would even work during the work week. I have been struggling with food for a while now, and now I’m to the point that I almost don’t want to eat anything, you know? I saw in the grocery store “light orange juice” Light Orange Juice? I thought oranage juice was already healthy. That made me become a little sceptical.

    Anyway, I will take these survival tips and employ them in my lifestyle. I’ll be back in a few months to let you know how everything went!! Thanks!

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