Rhonda’s Cooking


The Gadget of the Week: The Slow Cooker

Posted by rhondascooking on July 4, 2008

This week’s gadget is the traditional, basic slow cooker (sometimes called Crockpot®)!  Slow cooker meals are excellent for the summer months—especially for those of us in temperatures over 110 degrees!  All it takes is a little preparation in advance and then you are good to go.  No heating up the kitchen and only 1 pot to wash!   I have used my slow cooker to cook red beans, pot roast, collard greens, and even barbecue chicken!


There are many brands on the market and each function basically the same with some minor improvements such as a digital clock! The only major difference in my opinion is the lid—yes, the lid!  It is important to select a slow cooker where the lid is completely sealed in order to avoid the water evaporating during the cooking process.  So be careful when selecting the slow cookers that are oval shaped.  Make sure that you inspect the pot before you purchase; take it from me, you don’t want to come home after work to find that your meal has been burned because there was no more water in the pot!


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