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Cracking the Code of Food Labels

Posted by rhondascooking on July 12, 2008

Do you ever read that white label on the back of your foods called Nutrition Facts?  Do you understand everything on that label and its impact to you?  Have you taught your children (if you have children) how to read these labels?  If you can’t answer yes to all of these questions, have no fear because after reading this article, you will be able to crack the code and understand how to read food labels.


The food label below is an example of the information that is typically found on packages of the food that you buy.*  Sometimes the labels look like this one or sometimes when there isn’t enough room, the nutrition information is listed in a delegated space on the package.  Nutrition facts listed on packages are required by the Federal Food and Drug Administration in order to ensure that foods are safe for consumers.   





So the next time you reach for that bag of Cheetos® or that 16oz “all-natural” juice, be sure to check out the number of servings before you eat or drink the whole thing!


*if you cannot see the label clearly, please email me at info@rhondascooking.com and I will email the image to you.



6 Responses to “Cracking the Code of Food Labels”

  1. Jane Bronner -ATL said


    Good Morning! Your article is timely. I just came back from our monthly “WOW Women of the Word” meeting at my church. Our first lady invited a chef to come and speak to the ladies about how to cook and prepare home cooked meals.

    Thank you so much for the info on how to read labels. Can you send me the larger version of the visual? As we get older, our eyes are not like they use to be. LOL

    Thanks in advance.


  2. That’s awesome! Thanks, Jane for the wonderful feedback and support that you give me! I appreciate you so much; you are one of the reasons that I keep this newsletter going. Again, thanks!

    P.S. I’m sending the image to you in an email.

  3. Rhoshawndra said

    Hey Rhonda,

    This is great! Please send me a bigger label.

    Be blessed,

  4. Hi, I am glad that you found this useful. I have just sent you the image to your yahoo account!

  5. Greta N. said

    Thank you Rhonda for the great information on reading labels. It is so important to read the labels and know what we are eating. You are a great help and a blessing. Thank you for all of the other articles as well.

  6. Thank you so much, Greta! I am so glad that you posted. As I was driving into work, I thought of you and our experience in China at that restaurant with my $100 fish! Anyway, thanks for the encouragement about the information that you are getting. It means a lot.

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