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Gadget of the Week: OXO GOOD GRIPS® Salad Spinner

Posted by rhondascooking on July 19, 2008

OXO GOOD GRIPS Salad Spinner

OXO GOOD GRIPS Salad Spinner



The OXO GOOD GRIPS Salad Spinner was indeed a lifesaver in my kitchen, especially when I started to change my diet and eat more salads.  Though salads are wonderful and nutritious—especially the ones without the extra ranch/Caesar dressing—they are a lot of work to prepare!  The biggest chore for me was washing the lettuce (3 times) and drying it!  During my pre-salad spinner days, it would always take me about 30 minutes just to wash and dry each leaf without damaging the leaves.  I felt there had to be an easier way to wash my lettuce. 


After receiving my first “manual” salad spinner as a gift, I realized that not all salad spinners are the same; some spinners require more work than others.  For instance, some spinners have a handle at the top that require you to turn (or pull) in order to make the basket spin.  On the other hand, there are some—like the OXO Salad Spinner—that only require you to push (or pump) the handle in order to make the basket spin. Of course you know that once I tried the OXO spinner, I began to get excited again about making salads because it didn’t take me an hour just to prepare things!


The OXO Salad Spinner is about $30 and is available in various kitchen/department stores as well as online.  For the best deal, be on the lookout for that $5 or 20% discount coupon from Bed, Bath, & Beyond, you will only play about $24.  You can get Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupons if you sign-up for their mailing list either in the store or on the website? (Please be advised that once you sign up you’ll start getting them after about a month.)



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