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Agave Nectar

Posted by rhondascooking on August 9, 2008

Blue Agave Plant

Blue Agave Plant

Agave Nectar is a sweetener that comes from the blue agave plant from Mexico and is used for many things.  I found out about this wonderful culinary secret 2 years ago when I was transitioning my diet from widely produced white sugar.  After studying a variety of sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup, brown rice syrup, I must say that agave nectar is my number one choice!  Agave syrup is about 1.4 times sweeter than regular sugar and is very light sweet taste.  I use it for absolutely everything which includes baking, sweetening tea, or even drizzled on my pancakes! 


In terms of health, studies have shown that agave nectar does not raise blood sugar as quickly as the other mentioned sweeteners which is due to is relatively low glycemic index, ~32 (whereas other sweeteners have a glycemic index greater than 50), which makes it a good natural alternative to sugar.* 


*Please note that if you are diabetic, please contact your doctor or nutrition specialist prior to consuming because your whole diet plan must be analyzed.

Source picture wikipedia.com/agave nectar









4 Responses to “Agave Nectar”

  1. Deb Schiff said

    If you’re interested in agave nectar recipes and information, please visit my blog, Altered Plates.

  2. Thanks, Altered Plates, I checked out your blog, looks like we have some similarities–the LOVE of agave syrup is at the top of the list! Thanks for checking me out.

  3. izaclick said

    Thank, your information is helpful for me

  4. Awesome, thanks for the feedback. I also have just bookmarked your website. Thanks for reading.

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