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Not Eating Leftovers Will Save You Time and Money!

Posted by rhondascooking on August 24, 2008

Over the years I have heard friends and extended family members say, “I don’t like leftovers” or “My family won’t eat the same dinner more than twice a week!”   Well, my friend, today is your lucky day, I have a 5-step process that will help you turn those leftovers into frozen meals that will save you time and money in the future!   


Whenever you have leftovers do the following:

1.    Divide the leftovers into small serving sizes (divide based upon the typical serving that your family would eat);

2.    Place the leftovers into a container (any container that can be placed into the freezer); 

3.    Place the container of food into the freezer and let it freeze for an hour or two (length of time depends on the type of food).

4.    Once the food has been frozen, place the “frozen dinner” into a vacuum seal bag and remove the air.  (I use the FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealer for this step.)

5.    Label and date the frozen dinner and store in the freezer until you’re ready to eat.  Depending on the type of dinner, the length of storage time can last 10 months up to 1 year!  


So, the next time your family tells you that they don’t want leftovers, don’t fight, be excited because before you know it, you’ll have a mini grocery store in your home loaded with your family’s favorite frozen dinners!  Please note that you can follow these same steps if you want to freeze leftover homemade sauces and broths! 


You can purchase the new model FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer at any kitchen supply store or online.  Currently, Amazon has the FoodSaver V2840 Advanced Designavailable in black and stainless steel! 


2 Responses to “Not Eating Leftovers Will Save You Time and Money!”

  1. Ursula said

    Thanks for the tip. I do this with saucy meals like lasagna, chili, soups, etc. It works extremely well for me. I can have a nice homecooked meal in about 5 or 6 minutes on the evenings I am not prepared to cook… or better yet, grab-n-go for lunch at work.


  2. Great! Isn’t it awesome to have something in the freezer when you don’t feel like cooking dinner or even buy lunch?! Plus, it is an excellent way for us to stay away from those high sodium frozen meals that are “supposedly healthy.”

    Thanks for sharing!

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