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New Product Review: Sabrosa Gourmet Salsa

Posted by rhondascooking on September 1, 2008

For all of you salsa lovers, I have the salsa for you—Sabrosa Gourmet Fire

Sabrosa Gourmet Salsa

Sabrosa Gourmet Salsa

Roasted Salsa!  The Managing Director/CEO of Sabrosa Foods, Inc., Duane Thompson, was nice enough to send me some samples of his wonderful salsa!  Let me start by saying that what I love most about Sabrosa Gourmet Salsa is that it is all natural salsa—I mean 100% all natural—without the use of any preservatives like the most commonly used citric acid, which you find in many other salsas on the market.  The second reason why I like this salsa is the fact that this salsa doesn’t taste like tomato sauce with chunks of bell peppers, onions and garlic thrown in it.  In fact, Sabrosa Foods, uses fire roasted bell peppers and jalapeños to set its salsa apart from the rest!  The last reason and most important reason why I like Sabrosa Gourmet Salsa is because it has less potential of causing acid reflux, which sometimes is triggered from tomatoes and other highly acidic foods.

The salsa is available in two heat levels, mild and medium.  Do not be fooled by these levels, because even the mild has some kick to it!  Sabrosa Foods, Inc. is offering my readers a 10% discount on the salsa; so if you are interested in purchasing the delicious Sabrosa Gourmet Salsa email duane@sabrosafoods.com.  


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