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What to Eat In Case of an Emergency?

Posted by rhondascooking on September 1, 2008

Each year our world faces many disasters from hurricanes to earthquakes.  Not everyone is impacted by such devastations because of the location of where they live.  Places like my beloved, home state, Louisiana, faces the threat of hurricanes every year, which have gotten progressively worse each year! As a child my mother taught me how to prepare for the good and bad times like hurricanes, winter storms, etc.  So, are you prepared in case of an emergency?  Do you have food?  Do you have water or gas?


Here are a few must do/must have food related tips in the case of an emergency:

1.     Purchase a portable gas burner and fuel if you do not have a stove (range) that is operated with gas.  These burners are safe and easy to use and you can use these burners anytime—even when there is not an emergency. 

2.     Purchase a variety of canned goods (preferably organic) because if the electricity is not working, then you need to be able to have foods that will last during this time.  Make sure that you get items that hold good nutritional value and not packed with all kinds of “crap!”  Read those labels.  See the following emergency Food Essentials:

Emergency Food Essentials (non perishables)

Canned Beans (all varieties)

Water (gallons, individual bottles)

Canned Tuna (in water, any variety)

Canned Vegetables

Canned Sardines (with bones; it has enough calcium equivalent to a 6oz glass of milk!)

Canned Soup (low sodium, all varieties)

Canned Salmon (with bones)

Boxed milk (rice, almond, soy; canned coconut milk)

Crackers (low sodium, whole grain)

Healthy snack foods (cookies, Chips, etc.)

Cereal (granola, rice, etc.)

Popcorn kernels

Fruit/Protein Bars (without high fructose corn syrup!)

Olive oil

Juice (all natural–orange, apple, etc.)

Nut butters (all natural–almond, peanut, etc.)

Nuts, Seeds, & dehydrated fruit (pumpkin, pecans, raisins, etc.)

Vitamins/supplements (multivitamins, flaxseed oil, probiotics, psyllium husks); also refill prescriptions)

Whole grains (rice, oatmeal, etc.)

Dry goods (pasta, instant meals, etc.)

 Table 1. Emergency food essentials to always have in pantry.

 3.      Purchase lots of batteries and flashlights because in order to cook without electricity, you need to be able to see what you are doing!



2 Responses to “What to Eat In Case of an Emergency?”

  1. Caroly said

    ….thanks; i received my sweetner. i am still trying to get things in order since returning from the storm. i will be in touch.

    soror carolyn

  2. Hi, Carolyn, I am glad to know that you are doing okay. Where are you living in Louisiana? Glad you got the sample and I hope you enjoy. Stay in touch!

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