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Gadget of the Week: Escali Primo Digital Scales

Posted by rhondascooking on September 7, 2008

At one point in my life, I refused to measure anything that I cooked.  I was so sure that I had enough control and good eating habits to eat without measuring.  Well, those were the “before age 30 days”—the days when everything you ate actually burned off even without exercising!  Now that I moved past those memorable days, I have found that I have to work harder in order to stay healthy and look good, which means that I now have to start watching my portion sizes.  URGH! 


In order to keep me on track, I purchased a digital simple and inexpensive digital scale that I use daily! I know that many of you may be thinking that this is not necessary for you because you’re in control, well good for you.  But, for my friends out there who struggle with their weight and overeating, then you really need to make this small investment.  There are a variety of digital scales on the market that ranges from $25 – $100.  I recommend that you start with the less expensive scales.  However, if you want the scale that has all of the programs in it, then expect to pay over $60 for it.  You can purchase a digital scale at any department/kitchen store, as well as on Amazon.com (free shipping for orders over $25).


Click this link to learn more or to purchase the
Escali Primo Digital Multifunctional Scale.


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