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Gadget of the Week: Specialty Glass Bottles

Posted by rhondascooking on September 20, 2008

I know that glass bottles aren’t technically a “gadget”, but I felt that with this week’s topic concerning water, it was a perfect time to discuss.  So, disregard the title and keep on reading! 

A year ago I started looking for large glass bottles with a good seal in order to keep my juice fresh.  I was browsing on the Web and I came across these unique specialty bottles with swing tops and I fell in love!  With all that’s going on in the environment and the fact that we are exposed to so much BPA through food stored in cans or non-recyclable bottles, I decided to start using the glass bottles as my daily water bottles.  I love these unique bottles because they are available in different styles and they are environmentally friendly!

As you read in my previous blog entry on BPA, results indicates that it does have some impact on one’s overall health.  So, if you are having difficulty with finding a water container that does not contain polycarbonate plastics or is not made of non-recyclable plastics, then you should really consider purchasing glass bottles.

You can purchase glass bottles with swing tops at specialty cooking stores and at Amazon.com. They vary in price depending on the size. If you can’t find one locally, click to purchase the 8.5 oz. Swing Bottle 314730ME.




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