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Gadget of the Week: Apple Divider and Corer

Posted by rhondascooking on September 27, 2008


I love this nifty gadget!  I no longer have to mess up my lipstick or make loud noises when eating one of my favorite fruits—apples!  Since we are now moving into the start of apple season, I decided to put this apple divider and corer in this week’s issue.  There are so many different types and brands to select that range in price from $1 to $35.  Now, because I keep it real with my readers, the divider that I have was only $1 and I have been using it for 3 years!  My gadget divides apples into 6 wedges and separates the core!  It’s so easy to use, clean and store. 

Just in case you can’t find the apple divider and corer in your neighborhood, then you can purchase one Amazon for about $7—yes, I know that seven times more!  But look at this way; it saves you on gas and time from running around looking for one for a $1!  LOL!

Check out the MIU Plastic and Stainless-Steel Apple Cutter/Corer, Black.


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