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Part 2: Water: Which to Drink—Tap, Bottled, or Filtered?

Posted by rhondascooking on September 27, 2008

Last week I addressed our need for water and daily requirements. If you didn’t get a chance to read that, be sure to check it out.  This week, I want to briefly discuss the different kinds of water.  Many times people ask me which kind of water to choose and to explain the differences between bottled, tap, and filtered water.  So, I decided to briefly summarize.  

1.      Tap Water—water that comes from the water in lakes or rivers (surface water), or from water that comes from wells (groundwater).1 This is also known as water from faucet.

2.      Bottled Water—water that comes from Springs or Artesian Wells from the ground that have been tested and approved, or from public treated water supplies that often use processes to further enhance the quality of the water.2

3.      Filtered Water—water that has passed through sand or some sort of screening process to remove heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, etc.  Water can be filtered by using the following filters:3

a.    Carbon filters—these are inexpensive and common entry-level filters that utilize a carbon filter.  These filters are typically used in special water pitchers or attached to a faucet.  Unfortunately this process doesn’t remove many toxins, heavy metals, etc. 

b.    Water distillers—distillers that use electricity to heat tap water to the boiling point, separating impurities from the “steam”, which becomes the clean drinking water. This method removes everything including the good minerals.

c.     Reverse Osmosis (RO)—tap water that passes through an extremely fine membrane that removes everything. Water from these systems are the optimum level of water filters.  Sometimes bottled water companies use this process as the source of their water.

d.    Alkaline Water Filters—tap water that passes through alkaline filters, which use an electromagnetic process to separate acidic water from alkaline water.  The acidic water can be discarded and alkaline water is used for drinking and cooking.


So, which is the best?  According to Dr. Don Colbert, filtered water is one of the best kinds of water to drink.  Whatever you decide, make sure that you have the right balance of purity and alkalinity. Do your research or just email me for more sources!


1“Drinking Water.”  Ewg.org. 29 Aug. 2008. 19 Sept. 2008


2“Bottled Water Path to Market.”  Bottledwater.org. 2006.  26 Sept. 2008


3Don Colbert, MD.  The Seven Pillars of Health.  Florida: Siloam, 2007.


3 Responses to “Part 2: Water: Which to Drink—Tap, Bottled, or Filtered?”

  1. su arıtma said

    If the human body is made up of 70% water, then our healthy is related with firstly water quality. Water is consisted of hydrogen and oxygen ions. Its ingredients and mineral compounds directly effect on water quality. Many researchers have been studying on good water and there is no agreed decision. Recently one common decision on good water is alkaline, low ORP value, hexagonal water cluster and rich mineral ingredients as known alkaline reduced water, alkaline ionized water, antioxidant water etc. We know that there are lots of thermal and spa water all over the world which have therapeutic effect on some illness. Alkaline water has also such healing effect depends on its alkalinity, structure of water clusters, quantity of hydrogen ions that gives to water antioxidant characteristic. As a result various scientists believe that alkaline antioxidant water has healing capability on some illness like cancer, aging, constipation, atopy, hyertension, diabetes, etc.

  2. I think the best water to drink is antioxidant alkaline water because it can flush away those acidity from our body.
    Agree ?

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