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Gadget of the Week: Tea Ball

Posted by rhondascooking on July 17, 2009

There are so many different types of tea accessories available that you can purchase to make sipping on a perfect cup of tea enjoyable.  When I first started drinking tea, of course it was in the tea bags, but later I transitioned to full leaf tea and for that I needed something to hold the leaves.  So, I found a number of accessories, which include stainless steel tea balls, infusers, mesh strainers, etc.  Which should I choose?!  Everyone has their own preference, but over time, I began to favor those accessories that would allow me to have the full flavor of the tea after steeping.  So, my favorite tea accessories are the mesh balls and strainers.

Tea accessories can be purchased anywhere tea is sold, as well as online http://bit.ly/J9vmy.


4 Responses to “Gadget of the Week: Tea Ball”

  1. teatropolitan said

    What a coincidence I recently wrote on this topic on Teatropolitan. Over time I can say that the most useful infusers turned out to be large tea tongs, they are great in my opinion and i can really recommend them.

    If you want to you can take a look at my article http://teatropolitan.wordpress.com/2009/07/14/the-tea-infuser-guide/

    All the best!

  2. […] Gadget of the Week: Tea Ball […]

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