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Gluten-free does not mean healthy…read the labels!

Posted by rhondascooking on September 8, 2009

Okay, I had to write this post regarding gluten-free not necessarily meaning healthy. I get so sick of new products being introduced to the market as gluten-free, but only to find in the ingredients list that it is made with a bunch of hard to pronounce ingredients that are crap for the body! Time and time again, I have heard so many people say, “It’s gluten-free so it’s healthy.” This is a huge, huge assumption.

I am gluten-free and a healthy conscience eater. I do not eat foods with artificial flavorings and try to stay with the gluten-free whole grain flours, etc. So, it’s more than just about eating gluten-free, it’s about eating healthy first. That’s the most important thing and I wish that manufacturers would stop trying to just “get in the game” by making products with unhealthy ingredients and look to make gluten-free products that are healthier for the body! So, in the event that this doesn’t happen soon, we must take charge and make the right decisions for our total well-being. Don’t just get so happy when mainstream manufacturers launch a gluten-free product. Do your due diligence and read the labels and make sure that the product has healthy gluten-free ingredients.

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One Response to “Gluten-free does not mean healthy…read the labels!”

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