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Phoenix gluten-free author hosts book signing at Hue-Man Books in New York

Posted by rhondascooking on April 6, 2011

Rhonda Peters, the author of So, What Can I Eat Now?! and the CEO of Rhonda’s Cooking LLC, hosts a meet and greet and book signing this Saturday, April 9th from 2pm – 4pm at the historic Hue-Man Bookstore and Cafe, located at 2319 Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York, NY.  While there, she’ll visit the Wendy Williams Show and her new media partner Real Health Magazine.

When you know better, you eat better and Rhonda Peters knows this concept all too well.  Diagnosed with thyroid

Hue-Man Books and Cafe

disease at age 22 and a year later Rheumatoid Arthritis, it seemed a lifetime of pain and the consumption of experimental medications would be her fate.  After eleven years, a chance meeting with a naturopathic doctor prompted her to alter her diet. The adjustments included consuming low sodium, low fat meals and excluding a number of foods such as gluten, soy, dairy, and eggs from her diet.  This changed her life dramatically and caused a miraculous boost in her health and lifestyle.  Peters immediately began creating recipes reminiscent of home cooked meals she learned to prepare in her mother’s Louisiana kitchen.  Before long, a collection of delicious meals were born.  Compelled to share the recipes several years ago, Peters wrote So, What Can I Eat Now?! and has since made a lifelong commitment to help others.

“The book is a four year labor of love for people recently diagnosed with food allergies, Rheumatoid Arthritis, thyroid disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, and for those who want to learn to cook healthier, delicious meals,” confides Peters.  Not a typical cookbook, her story and personal journey are chronicled throughout the pages.  She connects with her readers through commentary and personal tips for every recipe.  As a bonus, nutritional facts accompany each dish, as well as a full color photo.

Please email info@rhondascooking.com if you have any questions regarding the book signing or send a message via Twitter @RhondaPeters.

Event Details:

Hue-Man Bookstore and Cafe,

2319 Frederick Douglass Blvd

New York, NY 10027

(212) 665-7400

About Rhonda Peters. Rhonda Peters resides in Phoenix, AZ where she serves is a Certified Nutritional Counselor.  She is a member of The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN), Celiac Disease Foundation, American Heart Association, and American Diabetes Association.  Peters also blogs for Real Health Magazine and writes for Examiner.com as the Phoenix Gluten-free Food Examiner.

About Rhonda’s Cooking LLC. The mission of Rhonda’s Cooking LLC is to empower and teach people how to cook healthy foods that taste delicious.  Rhonda’s Cooking, is a distributor of specialty products such as sea salt and other gluten, dairy, soy and egg free products.  In addition to its food division, Rhonda’s Cooking also has a publishing division which offers would be authors step by step management of their cookbook.

About Hue-Man Bookstore and Cafe. Part of the commercial revival of Harlem, Hue-Man Bookstore and Cafe is the largest and best known African American bookstore in the country.  Located in the Harlem USA Complex, the heart of Harlem’s main business district, the store features African-American interests and authors, a variety of non-ethnic titles, and an extensive children’s collection.


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Whole grain, gluten-free, yeast-free and delicious Purity Bread

Posted by rhondascooking on February 23, 2011

Finding a loaf of gluten-free bread that is moist and delicious is very difficult! Even more so, finding gluten-free bread that is also yeast-free, soy-free and egg-free has proven to be a nightmare until the birth of Purity Bread from Julian’s Bakery! Oh my goodness, after living years without eating sandwiches, now there’s hope.

Many may not believe that this bread would taste good because not only is it gluten-free, but also it is dairy, egg, soy and yeast free and that’s not even the kicker! This bread does not contain any artificial preservatives and it is healthy. In fact, it is great for people with challenge with diabetes because it is low in carbohydrates and high in fiber and protein! One slice (about ¼-inch thick) is only 68 calories and 10g of carbohydrates of which 8g comes from fiber! So for those on the “low carb” diet, that’s only net 2 carbs!

The ingredients are simple and include the following: buckwheat, millet, brown rice, teff, flaxseeds, (sprouted beans of navy, black, red, pinto, baby limas, large limas, garbanzo, great northern, kidney, black-eyed peas, yellow & green split peas and lentils), onion, guar gum and sea salt. According to the bakery, this bread is prepared in a non-gluten environment!!

This bread is savory, which makes it perfect for sandwiches. The onion flavor definitely comes through in this bread, but even when paired with a fruit spread, it’s still a delicious treat for morning breakfast! There are a few tricks to keep in mind before eating this bread and they are as follows:

  • Remove the bread from its original packaging and discard; gently remove any ice on the bread. (Typically when purchasing from the grocery store it will be frozen.)
  • Wrap bread in clean plastic wrap and place in a plastic storage bag; keep refrigerated. The bread will stay fresh up to 10 to 12 days when refrigerated.
  • Slice bread into ¼-inch slices before eating. For best results, lightly toast or bake bread slices before preparing a sandwich. Due to the high moisture content of the bread if you do not toast the bread prior to assembling the sandwich, then your bread may be a little soggy especially if using tomatoes or spreads.

Unfortunately, sometimes it is hard to find this specific brand of Julian’s bread, but when in stock, you can find Purity Bread at Healthy Habit Health Food Store in Phoenix (Bethany Home Road and 7th Street).   If you do not live near this area, you can also purchase this bread online or by phone; it’s just that easy! They offer specials all of the time.  Just so you won’t be caught off guard, this bread retails for $9.99 in store, but $6.99 online (not including shipping)–yes, it’s pricey, but it’s worth it!  In fact, currently the bakery is offering $5 off to first time customers with the following promo code 1776 when purchased on the website  www.julianbakery.com.

For more information about Purity Bread:
Julian Bakery
5621 La Jolla Blvd
La Jolla, CA 92037

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Save the Date: Greater Phoenix 2011 Gluten-free Expo!

Posted by rhondascooking on January 21, 2011


The Celiac Disease Foundation: Greater Phoenix Chapter will host its 3rd Annual Greater Phoenix Gluten-Free Expo on Saturday, April 16, 2011. This event is open to the public and gives people challenged with Celiac Disease, or those interested in transitioning to a gluten-free lifestyle, an opportunity to learn more about gluten-free products and where to purchase those products, as well as learning about local restaurants offering gluten-free menus. In 2010, over 600 attendees and 37 vendors participated in the expo. This year promises to be even bigger, with an expected 800 guests and 50 vendors.

The expo will be held between 10 am and 2 pm at the following location:

Sheraton Crescent Hotel
2620 West Dunlap Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85021

In keeping with the intent of sharing information on a wide array of products now available to the gluten-free community, a variety of vendors nationwide have been invited. There will be a plethora of products for attendees to sample and purchase. The Celiac Disease Foundation: Greater Phoenix Chapter will hold a gluten-free raffle and all attendees will receive free samples to guarantee no one leaves empty-handed.

Admission is $5 for adults; children under 12 are free. Cash only will be accepted at the door. Upon entry, each attendee will be presented with a bag and a vendor list. The proceeds from this event will help further the group’s goals of supporting the gluten-free community and raising awareness about Celiac Disease. For full expo details and to pre-register for the event please visit https://sites.google.com/site/gfexpo/. For additional information regarding the Celiac Disease Foundation: Greater Phoenix Chapter, please visit http://www.phoenixceliac.org.

About Celiac Disease Foundation: Greater Phoenix Chapter: One in 133 people has Celiac Disease and doesn’t even know it. Those already diagnosed know the only treatment for this autoimmune disorder is a lifelong commitment to a gluten-free diet. The purpose of the chapter is to support those with Celiac Disease and to increase community awareness.

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What in the World is Gluten-Free?

Posted by rhondascooking on August 9, 2008

Perhaps you have seen these words or even heard your friends or associates say that they are on a gluten-free diet.  Do you know what gluten is or where does gluten come from?  Is it just another fad or marketing scheme? 


Gluten is a by-product of two proteins, gliadin and glutenin, that are found in grains such as wheat, rye, and barley.  In bread baking when water is mixed with wheat based flours and yeast and then kneaded several times, gluten is formed and causes the dough to rise.  Gluten is an important component in cooking, especially for baking.


So, if gluten has purpose in cooking, then why in the world would anyone want to eat gluten-free?  I’m glad that you asked!  The most common reason why a person might eat a gluten-free diet is because he/she may have Celiac (See lee ak) Disease, which is an autoimmune disorder that damages the small intestines whenever a person eats anything with gluten. Table 1 shows some of the signs/symptoms of Celiac Disease.  Some of these can also imitate other bowel disorders, so to be certain, please consult with your doctor and get tested if you have experienced any of these.


Symptoms of Celiac Disease (one or more)

Recurring bloating, gas or abdominal pain

Infertility male & female

Chronic diarrhea or constipation

Spontaneous miscarriages

pale, foul-smelling stool

Canker sores inside mouth

Unexplained anemia

Tooth discoloration or loss of enamel

Bone or joint pain

Vitamin K Deficiency

Behavior changes/depression

Failure to thrive (infants)

Missed menstrual periods


Hereditary (2nd degree relatives–aunts, uncles, cousins)

Table 1.Some symptoms of Celiac Disease (source celiac.org)


Another reason why people may choose to eat gluten-free is if they have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorders) or autism.  Many claims have been made that when people with these disorders have eliminated gluten (as well as dairy), they have improved tremendously!  Also people who suffer with arthritis can benefit from a gluten-free diet (see past article “Can Food Help Arthritis?”). 


Now that you understand the basics about gluten, are you curious about what foods to eat that are gluten-free?  There are several foods that are available on the market that you can eat which do not contain gluten.  Just look for “gluten-free” on the package and the food ingredients label.  Make certain to beware of foods that are labeled as “no wheat” because sometimes that item may contain gluten!  So, the best way to determine if a product is truly gluten-free is to carefully read the food ingredients label.  Table 2 shows a list of foods to eat and avoid for a gluten-free diet and Table 3 indicates what foods that may contain gluten.


Grains to Eat

Grains to Avoid

brown rice









drum wheat








wheat starch


wheat/rye/barley hybrids



Table 2 Grains for a gluten-free diet (source: livingwithout.com)


Foods that May Contain Gluten


imitation seafood


malt, malt flavorings



coating mixes



processed meats

communion wafers



soy sauce

energy bars

soup bases

cereal/cereal products


imitation bacon


Table 3 Foods that may contain gluten (source: livingwithout.com)


I know that this may be a little overwhelming; Rhonda’s Cooking is here to help you through the challenge!  Because I am on a gluten-free, dairy-free and anything-artificial-free diet, I have a number of recipes in my upcoming cookbook that will be beneficial for you.  So, just send an email to info@rhondascooking.com to put your name on the list.  

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