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Gadget of the Week: Silicone Cookware

Posted by rhondascooking on October 5, 2008

Have you seen those flexible, bright-colored, rubber-like pans, spatulas, and spoons that claim to withstand very high temperatures? These cookware items are made with a polymer called silicone.  Silicone cookware is great in the kitchen because they truly can withstand very high temperatures that range between 175 to 600 degrees, as well as the fact that it is flexible, easy to store, easy to clean! 


There are noticeable differences between silicone baking pans and non-stick/glass baking pans.  In my opinion, I feel that baking with silicone pans keeps the baked goods moist in comparison to other pans.  However, one downside to this cookware is that foods do not brown on the bottom when baked and requires that you remove the food quickly from the pan to prevent sticking. 


Depending on the type of silicon cookware you select, the price is around $5 and up.  Click to learn more information about the Silicone Solutions Red Bread Baking Set as well as other silicone cookware. 


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