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The Secret to Rhonda’s Cooking

Posted by rhondascooking on December 9, 2007

On Friday, December 7th, I hosted a holiday party at my home.  Though I cooked and decorated 5 hours prior to the party, I managed to pull it all together and at the end of the night I received many kudos.  I didn’t do all of the cooking; I cooked hummus w/pita bread and veggies, spaghetti with ground turkey, toasted whole grain bread with pesto sauce, and coffee desserts!  Iwanted to do more, but because I decided to decorate the day of the event, I ran out of time.

Amongst all of the eating, talking and laughter, I recieved a lot of positive feedback about my food.  Some even wanted the secret–the secret to how I prepared the dish.  Of course you know I could not disclose due to my upcoming cookbook.  I was so happy and honored that they asked about the food and wanted the recipe!  I was excited and laughing inside because I had another secret that my guests didn’t know about.  They didn’t know that the spaghetti was healthy!  Not only was it made with ground turkey, but also it was made with brown rice spaghetti!  If some of them had known, they would have said, “I knew something was different about this spaghetti.”  I have learned to just let people eat and say something after all of the doggie bags have been made!

Many people have said to me that they didn’t like healthy foods because, “…it has no flavor; it tastes nasty; it’s dry, etc.”  I agree with them in most cases.  A lot of healthy foods on the market is good for the body and that’s it–it has no flavor! 

So, what’s Rhonda’s Cooking secret?  It’s simple; it’s cooking with lots of flavor that tastes good and is good for the body.  It’s creating dishes that EVERYONE can enjoy regardless if they are trying to eat healthier or not!


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